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they are persuaded by the music of the bells
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Title: Tinker, Soldier, Sailor, Holmes
Characters: Mycroft, (Sherlock, [Moriarty, John])
Rating PG
Spoilers: The Reichenbach Falls
Notes: ~4,300 words. Fusion of The Reichenbach Falls with Eternal Law, but you certainly don't need the latter to see what's going on. Taking all that talk of angels and falling literally.

All lives end. All hearts are broken. --A Scandal in Belgravia

I have found a love so brilliant that it banishes all shadows, except that one, tiny unbanishable shadow that something so wonderful must one day end. --Eternal Law

And then, Sherlock falls.Collapse )
Title: The Truth Is We All Live by Leaving Behind
Characters: Sherlock, Mycroft
Rating PG
Spoilers: A Study in Pink, if anything.
Notes: ~3,200 words. Character study of Sherlock and Mycroft's relationship, with some clues as to why Sherlock might consider Mycroft his archenemy, and the most dangerous man one has ever met. Btw, Doctor Who readers...I'm sooo sorry about the big stall on the Season 5 fic...I was gutted at the end of Cold Blood, and somehow never quite managed to get back on my feet with it, and realized it was best not to try to keep up with the canonical plot as it kept interfering with mine. I still have grand hopes to continue it, with a plot in mind but the next series is looming upon us... Many thanks to wicked_socks for a helpful betaing during a busy time of a fic I was feeling very uncertain about for a long time!

Some things are boundary objectsCollapse )
no regenerate
Title: Nothing Bad Could Ever Happen Here
Characters: Rory, Amy, and a mysterious stranger
Rating PG
Spoilers: Doctor Who, informed by up to 5x08 and Doctor Who Confidential 5x08
Notes: ~1300 words, so I suppose it makes sense that it took twice as long. I'm going to make a fic index next, but consider this chapter 4/? in Only When You Drink from the River of Silence (Shall You Indeed Sing), and I shall endeavor to make this a long and thoughtful enough fic to deserve such a long title. Meanwhile, you can find the previous chapters under the tag silence.

Rory Williams is twelve years old.Collapse )
no regenerate
Title: What if Time Could Run Out?
Characters: The Master
Rating PG
Spoilers: Doctor Who, informed by up to 5x06
Notes: I think it's time to give in and call this a series/WIP now. The ficlets aren't really standing alone, and so far so good on continuing them, however slowly and in small increments. But if I do, what should I call it? ~920 words, follows this and then this.

Except it isn't. Except there is.Collapse )
no regenerate
Title: A Split in the Skin of the World
Characters: The Doctor, Amy
Rating PG
Spoilers: Doctor Who, informed by up to 5x05
Notes: ~800 words, not much Master in this one sadly, tentatively feeling out the characters' voices, and scrambling to keep up with/adjust to canon's revelations and still tell the story I want to tell. Follows this.

The fracture collapses, leaving a bank of snow with an ordinary line in it...Collapse )
no regenerate
Title: A Crack in the Skin of the Universe
Characters: The Master
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Doctor Who through 5x03, just barely.
Notes: ~600 words, a little experiment. Comprehensible? Interesting? Y/N?

It's on the other side, too, the crack in the skin of the universe.Collapse )
21st-Aug-2009 06:00 pm - Spooks fic: The Sky Waves, Beckoning
Title: The Sky Waves, Beckoning
Characters: Adam/Fiona
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Spooks through 7x01
Notes: ~2,800 words. It's been more than a year since I last posted fic. And this isn't so much a story as therapy. So, it's spoilers through 7x01, which is your warning if you know what I mean, and I'm not sure that it works so much as that I had to write it, and since it's written, I thought I might as well populate my journal with some actual content, *gasp*. Thanks to faynia for beta-ing on mechanics and style, and for helping the ending become a little less abrupt, though the poor thing hasn't even seen Spooks. Any remaining mistakes are the fault of my own recalcitrance.

It hurt, but only for a moment...Collapse )
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